At Delancey Sports we are committed to getting you exactly what you want at the best possible price.

We are a relatively new store, and over the last couple of summers we have heard that when you are coming in to order your water toys and boats you're looking for customization. 

So this year, we are offering you just that! 

Shop with us in store, or online, and we will help you select the perfect kayak, canoe, kneeboard, wakesurf board, wake board, SUP, Bongo, Bongo accessory, Sunchill, and more... then it'll be shipped to the store for pick up (or delivered to your home) that week. 

So what's super hot this season? Here's our wish list. 

(and let us know what's on yours!)

Summer 2023 Wishlist

SUNCHILL: The Sunchill is the best way to float your day away. Comfort for sun worshippers who want their butts in cool water, a safe way for kids to play in the lake, and relief for folks who don't really enjoy swimming 'cause they "can't see the bottom!." Portable and Storable, Inflates in 90 Seconds, Attaches to the Dock or Boat.

Blu Wave, Rider Pro Fly Foil: Will you be loyal to the foil!? Youtube and TikTok has fuelled the growth of foiling around the world. We're personally avid foilers (you'll see us out on Haliburton Lake) - if you love water sports, surfing, and adventure, foiling just may be for you. The new Wave Rider Pro Fly Foil is constructed with Carbon-Innegra Sandwich construction, with a full PVC wrap for added strength. Shaped with the unique elements of foiling in mind, this board will perform in waves, wakes and downwind (and with foil wings). 

Sunnylife, Luxe Water Floats: Ever dreamed of floating on the water with an Aperol Spritz ON an Aperol Spritz? Now's your chance. Australian brand Sunnylife is taking summer to the next level with their line of inflatable water floats. Perfect for lakeside fun. We've got floats shaped like camper vans, luxe pool rings, the ultimate rainbow, and yes, the Aperol Spritz. 

Whoosh Floating Mat: At our cottage, this if the fan favourite by both the young and the not so young. Like a lilly pad, the whoosh is a floating mat on the water. But unlike the lilly pad, this splash pad can be used as a “slip ‘n slide” on the water (that our kids love), a water ski or wakeboard starting platform, and a relaxing hang out on hot days (for the not so young), or anything else you can imagine. Plus, it inflates in a few minutes and stores super easily. 

ZUP, Do More Advanced Board: This versatile water sports board takes it up to the next level. This Board takes everything you love about the You Got This 2.0 board and supercharges it. Want to turn quicker, spin faster, and jump higher? This is the one for you! 

Blu Wave, the Allsport SUP (10:10): This SUP is the swiss army knife of inflatable SUPs. It is designed as an all-round inflatable for recreational paddling, touring and fun in the waves. The Allsport’s shape is a hybrid of a traditional surf style SUP and longer/narrower touring inflatables. This SUP is wide enough to provide ample stability for a beginners, yet narrow enough to provide great tracking. 

Written by Delancey Sports

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