We're thrilled to share some news - The Swap is back! 

We can't think of a better month to announce this news than Second Hand September a campaign that promotes donating, reusing, rewearing and restyling your clothes during September – and beyond. So here it goes... Delancey Sports is launching a pre-loved sporting goods program. 

If you've been in the outdoors and active as long as we have, we're sure you've acquired more gear than you use, gear that your kids are growing out of, and gear that can use a new home. And now we are making it easy to find a new home for that gear.  


The Swap is Delancey Sports sporting goods consignment program. 
We are kicking it off by partnering with Sir Sam's to run the Ski Swap at their Fall Festival on Oct 7th and 8th. 



What are the details?

The Ski Swap at Sir Sam's is Haliburton's opportunity to buy or sell used ski and snowboarding equipment. 

Equipment Drop Off Dates

  • Oct 6th @ Sir Sam’s 11am-4pm
  • Sept 26th-Oct 4th @ Delancey Sports 

Equipment Buying Dates

  • Oct 7th + Oct 8th @ Sir Sam’s 

Gear we accept for the Swap @ Sir Sams

  • Adult and Kids Ski Equipment 
  • Adult and Kids Snowboard Equipment 
  • Adult and Kids Outerwear (brand name, no more than 5 years old) - jackets and pants only
  • Adult and Kids Bikes 
  • Adult and Kids Snowshoes

All items must be gently used. Equipment must be no older than 8 years old. 


Sellers register their pre-loved equipment with Delancey Sports.

  • Fill out our consignment agreement  
  • Sign and agree to our terms of service
  • Delancey Sports will price your items

The equipment will be tagged and put on display on October 7th and 8th at Sir Sam’s.

And what about a Swap at Delancey Sports?

Yes! We will also have a section at our store at 162 Highland Street, and at Delancey Sports Sir Sam's, that will display pre-loved items. 

@ Delancey Sports The Swap will include:

  • Adult and Kids Hockey Skates
  • Adult and Kids Hockey Protective Equipment (Pads)
  • Curling Equipment 
  • XC Ski Equipment 

We're so thrilled to bring a pre-loved Swap to Haliburton, and can't wait to connect Haliburton athletes so they can buy, sell, and learn about new and used sports gear!

Got questions? Reach out to info@delanceysports.com

Written by Delancey Sports

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