Jetspeed FT475 Shoulder Pads - JR


These lightweight pads have been optimized to provide a good range of movement while featuring tech to help keep you safer from impacts. CCM is using a single layer front construction with PE foams. This low-profile design provides a good layer of protection while providing improved flexibility. This is paired up with JDP shoulder caps with molded PE plastic to provide solid protection while staying incredibly light. Moving down the arm to the biceps, CCM used PE molded caps with length adjustment for a custom fit on the arm. In the torso, CCM incorporated a protective layer of PE, which provides reliable protection that remains surprisingly lightweight. This pad will have a high cut bottom front panel that delivers a great fit. The Jetspeed FT475 Shoulder Pads have an anatomical molded PE sternum and Spine. This provides must have protection for these important areas. Up at the top, there is built in lightweight foam segmented clavicle protection. If you are an entry-level player looking for a lightweight, but protective and mobile shoulder pad, look no further than the CCM Jetspeed FT475 Shoulder Pads.