True Catalyst 3X Junior Hockey Stick

$89.99 Regular price

True is bringing an entry model that looks to offer all the Catalyst core stick technologies in an affordable package. The True Catalyst 3X Junior Hockey Stick is a great stick for any recreational level player. P>

The colorway of the Catalyst 3X Hockey Stick is new for True this year. Featuring a new sleek black and yellow colorway, mixed with a honeycomb design throughout, the Catalyst is looking to give you a great design along with their trusted quality. Along with the new look the Catalyst 3X will have a soft gloss grip shaft with a matte blade. The shaft will be a square corner double concave shaft.

Starting with the kickpoint, the True Catalyst 3X Hockey Stick has an improved mid-flex. This allows maximum energy loading for effortless power and a stiff taper zone to maximize control. P>

Making a perfect match between a player and the flex rating of their stick is crucial to any young player’s game. With the U Flex system in the junior sticks, it is easier to match the stick to a player’s weight and height while still providing access to the advanced high-quality tech in the Catalyst series of sticks.

For the construction of the new True Catalyst 3X Hockey Stick, True is Utilizing their Axenic technology, this is a true one-piece hockey stick resulting in superior control and feel of the puck. This entire package results in a stick that is very lightweight. The Catalyst 3X is also using BRT+ technology which is a patented design in the blade for a stronger, lighter blade with increased heel durability.

With the Catalyst core technologies throughout, the Catalyst 3X Junior Hockey stick is looking to be that perfect balance of performance and price for any recreational or beginner player.