Wave Rider 5.8 Pro Fly Foil


Will you be loyal to the foil!? Youtube has fueled the growth of foiling around the world, and many watersports disciplines have seen foil applications introduced. We’re stoked to LAUNCH a SUP foil board to our line-up, after 24 months of testing and R&D. The new Wave Rider Pro Fly Foil is constructed our Carbon-Innegra Sandwich construction, with a full PVC wrap for added strength. Shaped with the unique elements of foiling in mind, this board will perform in waves, wakes and downwind (and with foil wings). Aggressive nose rocker allows for easy take-offs and touch-down/lifts, without pearling the nose. Tail rocker provides kick for easy take offs. Thick rails and boxy design provides volume for stability on a shorter board, and allows for great control when flying. Beveled rails also aid in release and prevents “sticking” when touching down re-elevating. Dual US fin boxes for compatibility with most foils with base plate and allows for positioning the mast to find your sweet spot.

Shapers Notes: Beveled rails for easy touch down and release, thick rails and boxy outline, provide volume and stability in a short sup foil board. 

5’8” x 28.5” x 108" L

The perfect foil setup for versatility and ease of flying. The B-FOIL 920 is our first foil set-up, made with versatility and ease of use in mind. If there is one foil set up to have that does it all, this is it. Large front wing at 92 cm provides stability and ease of lift in a variety of scenerios, from low speed wake foiling, small to mid size waves and downwinding. Our 60 cm mast height is perfect for learning behind the boat or ski, and the ideal height for SUP foiling, either downwind or in waves.   Full 3k carbon wings.  Aluminum mast and fusilage.