CCM Tacks 9550 Junior Elbow Pads


 Designed to be streamlined and lightweight, these pads will be a good fit for any recreational player

Starting at the top of the Tacks 9550 Elbow Pads, CCM went with a simple one-piece construction which will be reliable and functional. The Bicep will feature a lightweight foam that will not slow you down during play.

Just below the bicep protection is the JDP reinforced elbow cap! This lightweight construction helps disperse the force of direct impacts away from the elbow joints.

Moving down to the forearm, the Tacks 9550 Elbow Pads utilize molded PE foam that provides good protection all the way down the entire forearm to just above the cuff of your gloves.

Holding everything in place on the Tacks 9550 Elbow Pads is a simplified three strap system. This will help you to better customize your fit to fit the exact shape of your arm.

If you are a recreational player looking for a good protection and comfort, check out the CCM Tacks 9550 Junior Elbow Pads!


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