Women's NC7 - No Compromise, MFG Hockey Pant - BLACK/WHITE

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 STÄRK went out to the rinks and asked the Female hockey players what they wanted in a PANT. First and foremost a Pant that fit the female body right, that oered Sr level protection, that was long-lasting and that wasn’t girly looking. We offer just that and more, there is NO COMPROMISE when selecting the STÄRK NC7 pant.

Most Innovative product in our MFG collection! 

When surveyed 76% of girls found that current hockey pants were not suitable for them. Making this the most problematic item in their bag. 


  • Made for girls (growth rate and body shape) 
  • Lightweight protection that is comfortable
  • Stays in plays, no need to pull the pant up during play. 


  • Unique sizing: 2 lengths per waist size.
  • Weight : 700g
  • Liner : Moisture wicking
  • Protection : SR level 


Girls will typically have longer legs and a shorter torso vs. a boy of the same height. This pant is designed with this in mind as well as the wider hips to waist ratio found on the female players.