Senior Super Tacks 9370 Skate

$269.99 Regular price

The Super Tacks 9370 hockey skates offer some of the technologies that are part of the high-end Tacks skates, but at a mid-price point. 

  • Synthetic Composite MettaFrame Tech for a superior fit
  • HD Microfiber Liner with DuraZone Abrasion protection for protection and durability 
  • CCM Ortholite Footbed for comfort and support
  • Speedblade XS holder for a fast blade-release system

Staying consistent with the prior generation, the Super Tacks line remains CCM’s medium fit design. Finding the right skate for you means finding the model that fits your foot best. If you’re unsure, or you’re looking for the most accurate measurement you can get, visit your local Pure Hockey. The Super Tacks 9370 is a medium-volume fit for players with the standard forefoot, instep, and heel-depth dimensions.

Designed with Metaframe technology, this synthetic composite build creates an ergonomic boot-shaping system for a superior fit for your foot. While this is the same technology put into the 9380 model, the synthetic composite material is less stiff, but still provides a solid skating performance. 

CCM has outfitted the 9370 with an HD Microfiber liner with DuraZone abrasion protection that ads durability and protects you in areas of wear. The double-stitched tongue is a 7mm, center-injected, white felt model. The center-injected foams offer reliable protection against stray pucks and slashes, while the embossed lace-bite guard not only reduces lace bite but better positions the laces for a tight, accurate wrap. The footbed of the 9370 is made from CCM Ortholite technology, an eco-friendly design that features 5% recycled rubber and provides a lightweight feel and ideal support. 

CCM has carried down the Speedblade XS holder from the top of the line AS3 Pro. This state-of-the-art holder makes swapping out your blades easy. This system works by using a positive-lock mechanism to tightly secure the blade to the holder. Once it’s time to replace the blade, all you have to do is roll the BladeLock dial until you feel resistance, pop the blade out, place your new blade in the holder, and turn back the dial. Attached to the Speedblade XS Holder is the CCM XS stainless steel runner. 

Built with performance and price in mind, the CCM Super Tacks 9730 hockey skates offer a great balance between some of the high-end tech used on the top of the line skates at a lower cost.