Jr Ribcor 76K skate


The CCM Ribcor 76K ice hockey skates include many top technologies and performance features, making this model a terrific option and a great value for those players who skate 2-3+ times per week.

  • Metaframe quarter composite for a stiff and durable boot
  • Speedblade XS for a quick release blade exchange system
  • Speedblade XS Stainless runner for a longer edge life
  • ADPT Memory foam padding for personalized comfort 
  • HD micro fiber liner for added comfort and durability
  • CCM Anatomical Response footbed for enhanced support
  • Felt tongue tongue for increased protection

The Ribcor 76K skate includes the Speedblade Xchange System. This holder, found in the top-of-the-line 80K model, offers excellent performance benefits and an easy-to-use runner replacement system. CCM’s BladeLock technology is a positive-lock system that tightly secures the blade to the holder, allowing for maximum energy transfer from the boot to the blade when striding. The Speedblade XS also features an extremely durable dial that lets you quickly swap out a broken or damaged blade. Simply roll the BladeLock dial until you feel resistance, then pull the damaged blade out. Replace your runner and turn back the dial to fully lock in the new blade, and you’ll be back on the ice without missing a shift. 

Connected to the Speedblade XS is CCM’s Speedblade XS Stainless runner, another high-end technology also found in the 78K model. This skate blade provides long term performance, with good resistance to corrosion and a long edge life.

Inside the 76K skate, CCM uses their top-end ADPT memory foam for ankle padding. These symmetrical foam comfort pads wrap anatomically around your foot for excellent ankle coverage. And around the collar of the skate, Smooth Contour Pro pads offer the added comfort you’re looking for. CCM also includes their HD micro fiber liner with Durazone abrasion protection for high resistance to wear, increased comfort, and solid durability

Also included in the Ribcor 76K is the high-quality CCM Anatomical Response footbed for great support and comfort; a reinforced injection outsole with exhaust system for a solid energy transfer profile, and a 7-mm felt tongue with reinforcement layers for increased protection and embossed lace-bite technology for enhanced comfort. 

The CCM Ribcor 76K skate includes many high-level features for this price-point, proving to be a great value for performance-level players who skate a couple times a week or more and fit best in a high profile skate.