G-Grip Fuse R Classic Skis



The Peltonen G-grip ski base is a waxless classic ski for all snow conditions. But best in temperatures that are difficult for kick wax - warm snow and new snow. The G-grip coating is a textured base material that covers half the base of the FUSE R model`s ski base. This allows for less drag and more glide for the more active skiers! The FUSE model is great for more advanced skiers who normally ski on warmer winter days. It provides a reliable grip without the hassle of waxing. The only maintenance required is the occasional application of an anti-ice liquid and a deep clean at the end of each season with wax remover. Sold with bindings. 

    • Built-in NIS 1.0 plate
    • Waxless G-Grip Base
    • Universal profile for good performance in all snow conditions.
    • Made in Finland
          185cm - 5'3" - 5'4"
          195cm -  5'7" - 5'8"