Supreme S37 Grip Senior Hockey Stick


The Bauer Supreme S37 Grip Senior Hockey Stick features key upgrades with refined specs that were seen in previous models to make one of their best sticks to date.


Starting off with the appearance, the S37 features the familiar black and yellow appearance that has become known as the signature Supreme color. Moving on to the construction of the 3S Stick, Bauer has gone with an fused 2-piece construction for a durable base throughout the stick. Next is the shot technology which is made up of MPK technology and helps with the release of the stick for quick and powerful shots.


Further on to some of the other technology seen throughout the stick, the shaft technology is made with Bauer’s UD Carbon construction with a square shaft dimension. UD Carbon is a weave carbon that will provide this stick with high levels of durability while staying as a lightweight design. Over top is DuraFlex Resin which provides the player with a confident grip on their stick.


Finishing up the technology, Bauer has continued the UD Carbon down into the blade with a PU Blade Core internally that is built to be highly responsive and provide the player with the feel they need when handling the puck.


If you are a player looking for a stick with years of technological advances and endless testing at all levels of play that is studied and developed to cater to the performance of the player wielding this stick, look no further than the Bauer Supreme S37 Grip Senior Hockey Stick.