ClearWater Design

Muskoka Kayak

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The MUSKOKA is a recreational-day touring crossover kayak.  It is stable and compact like a recreational kayak but fast and sleek like a touring model.  The cockpit area is very spacious offering lots of leg room.  The Muskoka is a great choice if you are looking for something sporty, small and light.

STANDARD FEATURES - padded seat with pump up lumbar support - adjustable footstops  - minicell foam bulkhead - 2 storage compartments - integrated paddle rest - deck rigging - self rescue straps - carry handles
NEW! As of January 2020, the Muskoka will come standard with a foot controlled rudder system.

Length: 11’8” Width: 26”  Cockpit: 32” x 16” Capacity: 275 lb