Curling has exploded in popularity over the last few seasons in Haliburton! Whether you are a beginner or a veteran curler, we are here to help equip you with Hardline and Goldline equipment. Here is our guide to the curling equipment we carry in store, and what you will need to get started.

Broom: The broom is used for sweeping the ice in front of the stone to control its speed and direction. There are two main types of brooms. Traditional, these brooms have fabric heads and are used for sweeping. They are still popular but are gradually being replaced by performance brooms. Performance brooms have a hard plastic or carbon fiber head that is more effective for sweeping. We have three types of performance brooms to choose from at Delancey Sports.

Hardline Standard: The Standard Hardline broom handles are made with ultra lightweight carbon fiber. They are combined with an icePad brush and the handles come with the revolutionary Power-Rib grip, the ultimate in non-slip coatings.

Hardline Helium Hybrid Broom: The composite shaft is lightweight and the Helium brush head is the lightest on the market, creating a the lightest composite/hybrid broom at a very affordable price.

Goldline FG360 Air Curling Broom: has a fiberglass handle and a snap system that facilitates quick and easy pad replacement.

Curling Shoes: Curling shoes have special features to help you slide on the ice. One shoe has a sliding sole (made of Teflon) to glide on the ice. The other shoe has a rubber sole for stability and grip. It's important that curling shoes fit well and provide good support, as balance is crucial in the game.

Hardline M-Series Shoes (Men's and Women's): Hardline Curling's new M-Series shoe - Curling's Ultimate Footwear! This lightweight, flexible and breathable leather curling shoe features Asham’s tour-proven Rotator Discs System and the ProFlex sole which offers the perfect blend of cushioning and stability. 

Goldline (Men's and Women's): Feature flexible upper and stable outsole for the perfect combination of mobility and balance. They are equipped with Goldline's gripper technology, the gold standard of stability and widely regarded as the best in the market for sure footing.

If you are just trying out curling for the first time, you can also purchase a slip-on-slider designed to be worn over your street or running shoe as a temporary slider.

Grippers: Grippers are rubber overshoes that fit over the sliding shoe to provide traction when you're walking on non-ice surfaces. While a slider is essential, it is equally important to have the non-sliding foot equipped with a surface that will grip the ice well and ensure proper balance. 

Clothing: Dress warmly in layers, as curling rinks are kept at low temperatures. Wear flexible, comfortable clothing that allows for movement - like our line of Craft thermal or outer active wear. A warm hat and gloves are also a great idea! We've got you covered with gripper gloves and helmets that will keep you safe (and warm) on the ice. 


Delivery Stick: for those players unable to squat in a traditional sliding position, the use of a stick allows them to enjoy curling while respecting their limits - the rock is delivered with the stick.

The Pro-Slide: is designed to offer a more stable delivery than any other delivery aid on the market. The slanted top offers different hand positions according to height and sliding preference. The wide teflon sliders will give you stability and control during your delivery, giving you the confidence to make every shot. 

Safety Gear: Some curlers choose to wear knee pads or protective headgear (helmet or protective headband) for added protection when sliding, or when on the ice. 

When purchasing curling equipment, it's often a good idea to consult with experienced curlers or the staff at your local curling club. Keep in mind that while some equipment can be expensive, it's an investment in your enjoyment of the sport if you plan to curl regularly! 

Written by Delancey Sports

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