The terrain in Haliburton makes for some incredible biking. Haliburton's landscape has breathtaking scenery with over 600 lakes, rivers, and rolling hills. 

There is also an incredible networks of on and off-road cycling routes to explore - like Glebe Park, the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife reserve, the Haliburton Rail Trail, and of course for the downhillers in the club Sir Sams. 

If you are in the market for a new ride, we brought in our bikes specifically for the Haliburton terrain. Come take one for a test ride, and to make sure we fit you properly for your next great ride! 

** Note, our inventory of bikes got smaller by the end of the summer! Stay tuned for new inventory arriving this Spring. 

SCOTT Aspect 950 is a hardtail mountain bike. It has been described as "a gateway drug to cross-country racing." It lures you in with a cheap price tag, aluminum frame, and unassuming build. It is a great choice for casual riders and aspiring racers alike.

SCOTT Aspect 970 is a cross country aluminum alloy mountain bike. Hardtail, light, efficient and reasonably priced. Available in Stellar Blue. 

GARNEAU Trust 26 is a reliable mountain bike that is also fun to ride. The Louis Garneau Trust Series gives you the chance to explore new paths and trails on a sturdy hybrid bike with a great suspension. 

SOMBRIO Shovel 3; a starting point for entry into the world of mountain biking. Designed to be easy to use, attainable and most of all - fun. Rolling on 27.5 x 2.6 inch rubber with room to spare, this hardtail can tackle almost any terrain you can throw at it. The 66 degree HT paired with a 140mm fork up front, it sits solidly in the trail category of things. 


Written by Delancey Sports

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